Maps on PS Vita

Sony is set to issue an update to its PlayStation Vita on February 8 that will introduce two new features to the console in the form of maps and video recording, in addition to support for gamers with a Mac.

Of course, the new handheld is currently unavailable to many territories — including the U.S. and Europe — until February 22, but Japanese gamers have been enjoying the device since back in December. Two features they have been without, however, are maps and video recording, which will arrive later this week.

The firmware version 1.6 update will arrive on February 6, according to The Verge, and will allow users with a 3G-equipped PS Vita to access maps — powered by Google Maps — on their console.

As you’d expect, the feature will allow you to find directions, information on places nearby, and more. It’s worth remembering, however, that the Wi-Fi-only PS Vita does not have GPS built-in, so you may want to bear that in mind when choosing which console to purchase if you intend to use the maps feature.

The update will also bring video recording to the Photos app, which many users were surprised to see missing from the device’s initial release software.

Furthermore, Sony will be launching another version of its Content Manager software that will support PS Vita users with a Mac. This will allow those without a Windows PC to transfer media to directly to and from their device.

Will you be rushing out to pick up a PS Vita on February 22?

[via The Verge]

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