Another form of print media in the industry of gaming will close down soon. The most recent closure, Nintendo Power, is a Future Publishing property that's about to run its final issue. This time around?

Future Publishing's PlayStation: The Official Magazine is closing its doors.

Not much is known regarding the rough date of the magazine's closure, or what Future will do with the writers soon to be out of a job. The news comes by way of Game Informer, one magazine that has a firm grip on the US market thanks to their ties with GameStop, and they simply offer that Future has confirmed the closure.

With this news, Future Publishing's gaming magazine lineup shrinks once more to only three monthly titles. @Gamer (the Best Buy tie-in), Official Xbox Magazine and PC Gamer are all that remain.

The difference between two of these three titles and those that are shuttering? OXM and and PC Gamer all have online outlets that seemingly do very, very well. Hopefully that will keep them from shutting down. Future also owns GamesRadar, and internet-only publication.

[via Game Informer]