NVIDIA has confirmed that Sony’s PlayStation Suite will be bringing games, including PSOne titles like Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2, and Syphon Filter, to Tegra-powered devices later this year. This is the first instance of PlayStation Certification coming to a device other than Sony Ericsson’s Android-based Xperia Play phone, though we don’t actually know what device(s) we’re talking about just yet. Just that they’ll rely on NVIDIA silicon to generate polygons and tip the FPS scales.

The news first popped up in NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone app and has since been reported by a few online outlets. I reached out to NVIDIA just now for comment and got this from a company spokesperson:

Yes, the PlayStation Suite is coming to Tegra-powered devices this year. Sony recently announced that its PlayStation Suite is coming to Android this year. NVIDIA is committed to making sure that PlayStation Suite runs best on Tegra-powered devices and leverages all of the capabilities that Tegra brings. We’re not sharing any further details at this time.

NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 “superchip” currently powers Android OS phones and tablets including the Motorola Atrix 4G (AT&T) and Xoom (Verizon), and the forthcoming T-Mobile G-Slate. The dual-core chip has some gaming chops, as shown off in a handful of T2-optimized titles available for play on Xoom via the Tegra Zone app. NVIDIA also previewed a quad-core chipset dubbed Project Kal-El at Mobile World Congress in Spain last month. The quad-core tech will be shipping in tablets starting this August, with phones to follow later in the year, according to the company.

No word has been given on which Tegra 2 devices will be compatible PlayStation Suite, but rumors of a Sony Tegra 2-powered tablet have been swirling for awhile now, and Sony plans to use their vast content holdings (including gaming) to differentiate their Android-based products, so an NVIDIA-Sony tablet link makes all sorts of sense here. And, of course, there’s that story about “S1,” Sony’s rumored media-centric, PlayStation Certified, 9.4″ tablet based on a customized version of Android 3.0.