The best way to advertise virtual reality is to put it on someone’s head so they can see it for themselves. Not only does that let the person experiencing it see what the tech is all about, it has the potential to get them talking to everyone they know about it. And that’s just what Sony’s hoping with this year’s Road to Greatness tour.

Road to Greatness is a tour that Sony ran last year with the intention of getting their games and the PlayStation ecosystem’s best features out in front of people all over the country. This year, the focus is on virtual reality.

The list of VR games hasn’t been provided, but the post on the PlayStation Blog says that the tour will feature “a number of different games” available to check out. The tour’s official page lists 27 stops between now and November 13. The tour just left Memphis, TN, and will be stopping through 26 more cities. Only 10 cities, including the Memphis location, have been announced, so even if the tour doesn’t list your state yet, there’s still a chance it could roll through.

The tour could be, more than ever, a huge tool to get this new, expensive hardware out in front of players in a way few other opportunities can, and in a way the other VR sets would have difficulty replicating. If you want to check out PlayStation VR before it hits shelves, keep an eye on those tour dates.