PlayStation Plus

Sony has revealed the line-up of its free games through the Instant Game Collection for the month of December, and it’s a little lacking compared to other months. For December, when everyone is looking for reasons to jump into a console or a PlayStation Plus subscription, you would think that it should be the best month.

Maybe that is in January, after everyone has opened their shiny new Sony device.

At any rate, five games have been announced for free in December. The most recognizable is Borderlands 2, the RPG/FPS hybrid which has vault hunters switching between thousands of different guns to find what suits them best. I played it for a bit, but didn’t get too far after realizing I had played the first Borderlands to death and didn’t have much further desire to play a similar game.

Following up on Borderlands 2 is another sequel, Grid 2. The only difference here is that I never played the first Grid, nor am I a huge racing game fan unless it has the words “Burnout” or “Mario” or “Kart” in the title. Might give this one a try if its free, but I don’t think I will keep it on my machine for too long.

Dyad is another racing game, this one featuring cybernetic jellyfish instead of cars. It looks a lot like the SEGA classic REZ, which might be even more obscure. Looks pretty fun and worth a look.

On the PS Vita side of things, we have another racing game in Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. What is it with all the racing games this month? The other PS Vita game is Urban Trial Freestyle, a sandbox biking game designed to provide lots of opportunities for tricks. I wonder if you can race in it too.

So, pretty weak lineup for the month. I just ripped on Microsoft for giving away the first Gears of War for free, but I remember actually enjoying that game. This doesn’t inspire me. At least there is always January.