PlayStation Plus has, over the last four years, become a really interesting service. It started out a little less than inspiring, but that quickly changed as Sony introduced their Instant Game Collection.

If you're unfamiliar, Sony essentially adds new games to the collection on a monthly basis. Those games are for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. You can download and keep them for as long as you're a PlayStation Plus member, though their free status won't last forever.

They add all sorts of software, titles both new and old are brought into the fold constantly. It's a huge part of why PlayStation Plus has been so successful.

Now, four years into the program, Sony's releasing its first official TV spot for PlayStation Plus. You can see it at the head of this post.

I picked up a year's worth of PlayStation Plus on Black Friday for $25. That was a steal. It typically goes for $49.99. It's certainly worth the price of admission, especially if you own all three PlayStation platforms.

Do you like PlayStation Plus?