Puppeteer - GamesCom 2013 - Puppeteer_Pirate's Head

PlayStation Plus continues to give out free games faster than we can handle with not one but two offerings from the Instant Game Collection this week. One has been on my radar for quite some time, and the other is a new game that might be worth checking out if you have a Vita.

The big console game of the week is The Puppeteer, an action adventure game in which a young boy seeks to return to his normal body after being turned into a puppet. On his quest, he discovers the ability to swap out his head and perform different powers with each.

I was originally turned on by The Puppeteer at TGS 2013 last year, but found myself just as quickly turned off by the $40 price tag. Reviews have been positive for it, but I held off knowing I would be able to pick it up cheaper down the line. Now I get to reap my reward by being able to pick it up for free.

The other free game, Surge Deluxe, doesn't look too far removed from the typical block puzzles of the modern world. Two opposing pipes face one another as pressure builds from a new form of energy. It's your job to match the colored blocks with the drag of a finger and make sure that the pipes do not explode, sending civilization into darkness and chaos.

I've never seen a block puzzle game with stakes quite so high before!

I'm definitely going to give The Puppeteer a glance this week, but we'll see on Surge Deluxe. I've never been big on block puzzles, but I found a nice little gem two weeks ago when I played Velocity Ultra. Who knows? Maybe this is another gem I won't want to miss.