Microsoft showed its hand this month with a rad selection of free games through Games with Gold, and Sony answers with a solid counter attack. August’s selection of games is enough to raise a few eyebrows with the standout actually being one of the indie titles.

I love Downwell, and it’s one of my favorite indie games of the last decade. If you’ve yet to play this little marvel and you own a PlayStation 4 or PS Vita, you’re all out of excuses! Download this game and give it a few whirls today. You’ll be hooked for life thanks to its perfect physics, smart roguelike progression, and nifty art style.

The other games are fine, but they are no Bayonetta, that’s for sure. Likewise, Just Cause 3, the headlining title of the month, is no Just Cause 2, both literally and when we talk about comparisons of quality. It just doesn’t hold up to its successor, but it appears Square Enix wants to give it away since the multiplayer mod is now free on the PC, giving it more shelf life on another platform.

Get the word out there fast and free!

Then there is Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry, which translates into “Black Flag is still too popular to just give away.” I gotcha. When you make a game that stands the test of time, you want to ride that wave as long as you can! Nintendo’s been doing it for thirty years and Square Enix for twenty-five, charging us three, four, five, maybe even six times for the same game!

The PlayStation 3’s indie games look… okay. Snakeball is a spin on soccer combined with the classic Snake formula, and Super Motherload is a mining for minerals game. As for Level 22 on the Vita, I have no idea what I’m looking at here. A stealth office simulator? Strange but intriguing nonetheless.

But Downwell is your game of the month folks! Trust me on this one. Your new addiction awaits!