Actually, if you own a PlayStation 4, the selection of free games this month is pretty sweet. Sony's current generation console offers two free games of solid reputation to those with a subscription to PlayStation Plus.

Life is Strange is the highlight of the two. Dontnod and Square Enix's episodic adventure has gathered a huge following over the years with its boundary-pushing storytelling, and now that Dontnod confirmed it is working on a sequel, there is no better time to catch up.

The other PlayStation 4 game is Killing Zone 2, which occupies the exact opposite side of the video game spectrum. It's violent, gratuitous, and won't really churn your brain cells the way a good story will… and you know what? That's okay! Shut your mind off for a few hours and some good, old-fashioned carnage.

The other consoles have some okay games

I'm not familiar with the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita options, but they look decent. Spy Chameleon and Neon Chrome are both overhead action games with simple and fun mechanics that no doubt extend the use of their gimmicks to countless ends.

The PlayStation 3 hosts Abyss Odyssey and WRC 5: World Rally Championship, which is weird because, for a second, I thought that someone did a remaster of Albert Odyssey that I must have missed.

Curse my eyes! I would scoop that remaster up in a heartbeat. No such luck.