Final Fantasy X-2 HD (35)

Sony has apologized for the DDoS attack that crippled the PlayStation Network over the holiday season, and to make it all better, it has offered a 10 percent discount for anything in the PlayStation Store this coming weekend. Sony will provide all users, not just PlayStation Plus subscribers, with a promotional code, and it must be used between 9:00 AM 1/23 PST and 9:00 AM 1/26 PST.

Of course, all PlayStation Plus members will also have their subscriptions extended for 5 days because of lost time during the outage.

It's a nice gesture from Sony that it certainly didn't have to do. I mean, I tried to do a little shopping over PSN, but by and large, I wasn't that affected by it to the point where I feel the need for compensation. You know the Internet though, and some obviously disagree.

However, I will graciously take my 10 percent discount and use it on the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster because I've been dying to revisit Final Fantasy X-2 on my PS Vita. I might as well use it on that since there are no $60 games I feel the need to pick up. There also doesn't seem to be any deals to compound the discount on top of either.

What are you going to buy with your discount this weekend?