The 3rd Birthday

Sony has begun its annual October money back deal on the PlayStation Store. For every $100 spent on games or DLC content this month, buyers will receive $15 in credit back for use towards other PlayStation Store products.

The window of opportunity to spend, spend, spend goes from October 1st through October 28th, and those who hit the limit will receive their money on November 7th, just in time for the second busiest month of the year.

Last year, I failed to hit the mark mostly because my focus was on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS at the time. This year though, October is crowded with games I want to play, and I'll be sure to pass the limit with purchases of Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within. Like a dummy, I forgot about the annual deal and pre-ordered Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on September 30th. Otherwise, I would have been that much closer to breaking the barrier twice.

Also remember that Sony usually holds a Halloween sale for two weeks on all horror games, so you might find a few places to spend dollars there as well.

With an extra $15 in your pocket, what would you like to buy? I've been thinking about going back and playing The 3rd Birthday now that Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Director Hajime Tabata is all the rage at Square Enix. Plus, I love the older Parasite Eve games, so that is a double bonus.