Sony held a pretty important press conference yesterday where they showed off their rebuttal to Nintendo's Wii controller and Microsoft's upcoming Project Natal.  It's still early and although nothing really made my jaw hit the floor, it seems like Sony's trying to find a way to make Move a unique experience from its competitors.  Unfortunately, they've essentially copied Nintendo's strategy with a their sub controller albeit wireless.  It does seem as though Sony has resolved the lag issue in their demos, as everything seems super responsive.  The Playstation Eye detects movement through the glowing spheres on the ends of controllers and not through a sensor bar like the Wii, which seems to allow for much more complex movement tracking.

All of this together should make Sony's entrance into motion-sensitive gaming at least as much fun as the Wii.  Check out this video from G4 where we see a demo of Motion Fighter and SOCOM 4.  Fun?  If you've got any thoughts on Sony's new initiative, share 'em in the comments…even if they're about how much you hate the glowing ball on the controller's end.