We already know Sony is killing off PlayStation Mobile, home to some odd and offbeat games made with light portable gaming in mind. Some are based on classic franchises, while others are complete shovelware aimed at capturing sales on a thin platform.

PlayStation Mobile, if you aren’t connecting the dots yet, was extremely hit and miss.

From July 15 forward no new games will hit PlayStation Mobile. Furthermore, from that date on, users will not be able to buy any new content, whether in game or add-on form. The real bad news? September 10, 2015 will mark the date all PlayStation Mobile games are removed from the PlayStation Network.

That means you’ll have to have your previously purchased titles downloaded and installed on your platform of choice by then. If you have a Vita, load it up. Don’t ever delete your games, either, because you’ll never have a chance to get them back.

I’m not going to sit here and claim that PlayStation Mobile was the greatest platform ever made. I will say, though, that those who supported it with purchases should be upset. The PS Vita plays PlayStation Mobile games, and Sony’s been selling them in good faith on their store. Now? It is deleting them entirely. It’s one thing to stop releasing games for a platform, it’s another to remove those digital titles from stores entirely.

There’s a whole pile of games out there now that will be lost forever. That’s a shame.