Chaos Rings

It's the sad end of an era. Sony tried to meld the user bases of Android and the PS Vita, but it was just never meant to be. The stream of genuinely quality indie games saw to that! In result, Sony will be closing the PlayStation Mobile store on the PS Vita this year, and each and every one of its memorable mobile games will be lost forever!

What will we ever do without… I mean, maybe… or that one game called… ? Oh screw it, I can't think of any at the moment, but if there was any PlayStation Mobile game you've ever had the slightest inkling to buy, be sure to do so before July 15.  After that, the store will be closed forever, and games will not be available for purchase.

Following that date, Sept. 10 will mark the end of their availability and owners will no longer be able to download them. It's a permanent fixture, so you better make sure your games are backed up and pray that your PS Vita memory card never gets corrupted.

I'm giving the PlayStation Mobile store a quick breeze through to see if anything catches my eye, but there isn't much. Maybe I'll throw Chaos Rings on my Vita if it goes on sale before judgement day. I just can't seem to quench my Square Enix thirst these days. Any other diamonds in the rough I should try and pinpoint?