Time for a PlayStation Flash Sale! We can never get enough of these.

Unlike every other time, Sony hasn’t published a master list of games for me to simply copy and paste, but a quick glance at the sale over at the PlayStation Store shows that 162 titles have been heavily discounted.

The theme of this flash sale seems to be smaller titles and indie games. Guacamelee, Bastion, Doki-Doki Universe, Flower, LIMBO, Rogue LegacyHotline Miami… the usual suspects. You get the idea. Worthy indies cut to the rock-bottom prices of about $3 – $4 each. Not a bad sale.

The game I’m most interested in picking up is Steins;Gate, mostly because everyone says it’s the greatest visual novel of all time and one of video gaming’s best stories. It’s also the most expensive game in the sale, clocking in at $16. That’s still a little high for me, and I have too many other games I’m juggling at the moment, and I’ll probably wait for another sale down the road, I think… maybe.

Give it a glance, and let us know what you want to buy below.