Cross or X? That’s the question for users of PlayStation’s controller since the PSOne. The four face buttons on the right are shapes, and each shape has a name.

There’s little argument over three of the four. The right is Circle, the top is Triangle, the left is Square and the bottom is, well, what is it? I call it “X,” though I know some who call it the Cross. In Japanese, it’s typically pronounced “batsu,” though some say “kurosu” for Cross.

Fork? Fork is what’s written on the circuit board for the PlayStation controller that’s been cracked open and posted on Reddit. Judging by the analog stick, this is either a DualShock 3 or PlayStation 2 controller.


Why Fork for the PlayStation controller?

The general consensus on why this thing says Fork instead of Cross or X is that it’s manufactured in China. In Chinese, the character for “X” and the word fork is the same. That’s “叉.” So, that symbol translated and written in Western print would then say Fork.

That’s amazing.