At E3, some debut, in-engine footage was shown for Anthem, the upcoming multiplayer shooter from EA and BioWare. The footage debuted on the Xbox One X at the show.

The PlayStation YouTube channel now hosts that same gameplay video, only the Xbox One buttons have been replaced with PlayStation 4 controls photoshopped over them. Here’s a screenshot that shows the “RB” and “LB” poorly covered by “L1” and “R1.”

Now, the problem here is that the video is representative of what Anthem looks like on the Xbox One X. Or is it? Because now Sony’s claiming this is what the game will look like on, we assume, the PlayStation 4 Pro. The video has been pulled, adding insult to injury.

Anthem is due for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One X and PC in 2018. What will it look like? Now we don’t know.