Jonathan Blow always has a lot to say. With his new game, The Witness, being developed as an exciting early PlayStation 4 exclusive, he finally has another chance to speak out in developer videos about the visions for his games and what it means to be an independent developer.

Blow believes the possibilities of video games are large, and he has tried to show that a game can be more than just about puzzles with added layers of depth, story and atmosphere.

"When you go in, if you just are interested in a puzzle game and you're not really looking at story or philosophy or anything like that, there is a really good puzzle game. But if you want to read further than that, there's other layers."

Despite his sometimes artistic and lofty presence, Blow is also grounded in reality and believes that making a profit is absolutely important in the video game creation process, but not a priority.

"The number-one priority is to make the best possible game that we can make that brings the most beneficial experience to the players."

The Witness will follow in the footsteps of his indie-hit Braid as another gorgeous puzzle game wrapped up in a beautiful package. For what it's worth, I think the game looks absolutely stunning and is an early next-generation experience that makes me want to upgrade as soon as possible.

It will be on the PlayStation 4 when released later this year, but it will also find its way to PCs.