Sony is finding it a little bit difficult to market the PlayStation 4 in Japan without a strong line-up of Japanese games to do it with. The first commercial was all about gaijin loving the machine and seeing it sell to record numbers in other countries, and the second one dances to a very similar tune.

The theme in this commercial is all about the games, but the irony is that not a single clip of a game is shown until a flashing montage in the final seconds. Instead, we get a bunch of non-Japanese people at what seems like the geekiest college house party in history. Each of our actors is dressed up as figures from popular video games.

Killzone: Shadow FallinFAMOUS: Second SonYakuza: IshinAssassin's Creed IV, and Final Fantasy XIV all pop up, but only as cheap cosplay, not in game form. The closing montage shows a quick scattering of random games, but when you have to resort to the graphical finesse of Dynasty Warriors 8 to attract a Japanese audience, you might be in trouble.

More time was dedicated to games in the first TV spot, and that one wasn't even about games! Once again, Sony's message for the PlayStation 4 in Japan is partying it up with a lot of foreigners rather than sitting down to enjoy video games on your video game console.

Yakuza: Ishin, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Final Fantasy XV are bound to attract an audience, but I am having a really hard time seeing how Sony hopes to compete against the Nintendo 3DS and Japan's booming PC and mobile game scene with its latest console. Hopefully we'll have better commercials than this soon.