Following the announcement of the upcoming rare 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4, Sony has officially unboxed its new console. It comes with the console itself (of course), a special DualShock 4 and a special PlayStation 4 camera.

If you actually want one of these classic consoles, you’ll need to follow some specific instructions. They will be incredibly limited. Here’s the block of instruction from the PlayStation Blog:

How to pre-order in the US: PS4 20th Anniversary Edition will be available in very limited supply for pre-order starting Saturday, December 6th. Please watch the PlayStation Experience keynote starting Saturday morning at 10:00am Pacific Time to learn more. Canadian users can follow PlayStationCA on Twitter to learn more details for availability in their region.

So, how about it? Are you going to try to score one of these 20th anniversary themed PlayStation 4s? Or, are you happy with a more basic unit?

Personally, I’d just go for the DualShock 4 they’re selling. I wonder if that thing will move separately…

PlayStation 4 - 20th Anniversary DualShock 4