While Microsoft’s console outsold Sony’s in April, Sony took its ball back and beat the tar out of Microsoft in May.

Despite that, the Xbox One continues to pick up steam, says Microsoft.

“Xbox One and Xbox Live continue to see strong growth in sales and engagement,” said Mike Nichols, Xbox’s head of marketing in an official statement. “Xbox One sales in the U.S. were up 81 percent over May 2014 and active global Xbox Live members — for Xbox One and Xbox 360 — were up 20 percent.”

Phil Spencer’s first big moves after taking over from Don Mattrick – dropping the Kinect and then dropping the price of the Xbox One – have clearly had a long-lasting effect on the sales of the system. Sony’s lead is going to be very difficult to overcome at this point. E3 is in just a few days, though, and Microsoft is going in with a bunch of exclusives while Sony has a “pretty sparse” lineup. A good show followed by a strong release calendar could give Microsoft a bit of momentum to close the gap just a bit. A really little bit.

Whether you put on green or blue war paint when you hit the console battlefield, more console sales are good for not only the manufacturers, but developers making third party titles as well, and strong sales numbers like these will continue to push those developers to focus on the new consoles and their strengths, pushing the bar up on PC and console games alike.

Microsoft’s E3 show takes place on the morning of Monday, June 15, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they have to say.