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Microsoft seems to have won the ever important "number of controllers supported at once" war. In response to yesterday's news that the Xbox One would support up to an unprecedented eight wireless controllers at one time, Sony Worldwide Boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed in a response to a question on Twitter that the PlayStation 4 would only support four DualShock 4 controllers at once.

Put aside the Xbox One supports eight controllers and the Wii U supports five controllers, one GamePad and four classic, for just a moment. Think back to the previous generation where the PlayStation 3 supported seven controllers at one time. The PlayStation 4 is actually making this a downgrade from the previous standard. It supports just as many controllers as the Wii! The Nintendo 64, even!

From what I've seen in our comments, seven controllers works best for a bunch of friends who want to play Madden and FIFA on an awesome night of local multiplayer, and I am totally down and supportive of that idea. The thought of sports games with no split screen hadn't occurred to me since I never play sports games. Sounds like a blast, actually.

That being said, do you have any plans to pick up games that will require more than four controllers at one time? Is this influential in your pick for a next generation console? I find it way too hard to get together with one friend for an evening of New Super Mario Bros. No way could I handle seven more.

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