Sony’s PlayStation event, scheduled for September 7 in New York, is still a couple weeks away. We don’t know what exactly they’re going to reveal, though all clues and assumptions point toward the PlayStation 4 Neo, the upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 that PlayStation brass have explicitly acknowledged previously. But it’s looking like that’s not the only thing they’re planning to show off. Maybe.

Pictures started to leak out this weekend of a new PlayStation 4 model that appears not to be an upgraded version but rather a slimmed down one, with a model number of CUH-2016A.

As always, take every photo with a dash of salt until we have some kind of undeniably official confirmation. With that said, we have photos coming from multiple sources, suggesting that this is the real deal.

So what’s different, here? Looking at the photos, the front of the console shows physical power and eject buttons – one of my biggest complaints about the PlayStation 4 release model. The back of the console shows ports for power, Ethernet, HDMI, and an accessory port (this is where the PlayStation VR’s breakout box would plug in), but no optical port. There also looks to be a removable panel for replacing the included 500GB hard drive. The bottom of the system has the PlayStation symbols, a touch Sony often likes to put on their hardware.

For those who haven’t come across it yet, the cable in the upper right of the third photo is a UK power plug.

The model in the photos is pretty convincing, and matches up with a leak that came from a supposed Foxconn employee a while back as well, as noted by some posters in the NeoGAF thread most of these photos were initially posted to.

With the PlayStation 4 Neo announcement coming soon, it seems like a strange decision to release a new PlayStation 4 model right now, but if it was put on shelves at a discount from the current model, it might offer more consumer choice rather than pushing people away from the upgraded system.

Also included in the gallery above is a leaked photo of a new PlayStation 4 controller with different shoulder buttons and a model number of CUH-ZCT2U (current model is CUH-ZCT1U, for reference).

Again, until we have confirmation from Sony or something else we can take as concrete, take these with a grain of salt – but they’re pretty convincing.