Remember that new PlayStation 4 that leaked out over the weekend? It sounds like it’s not far off, and it’s not going to be too pricey, either.

Sony plans to show off an upgraded PlayStation 4 system next month and leaked photos of a new PlayStation 4 model suggest that it plans to unveil a new standard model as well.

The Wall Street Journal cites industry analyst Damian Thong, who believes that the new standard model will debut at a lower price than the current model, which retails for $350.

Eurogamer corroborates the expectation of a less intimidating pricetag, though neither source has a firm price. With Microsoft’s Xbox One S 500GB model hitting shelves tomorrow at $299, I wouldn’t expect to see Sony’s system go for a dollar more.

As for a release date, Eurogamer has sources saying the system will be on shelves shortly after the event, which makes sense considering that at least one retail box is already in the wild. The Wall Street Journal also says that Sony has cut production on the current model of the system to make room for the new one, with retailers in Japan saying that they’re selling out of the current model completely with no new shipments in sight.

Like the Xbox One S, this new model doesn’t seem like something current PlayStation owners will want to pick up – the PlayStation 4 Neo would be a much more worthy choice.

We should know more on September 7 when Sony holds their event and reveals all of this information officially.