Playstation 4 Review - System - Hero

The PlayStation 4 has officially launched in its home country of Japan. Sony has moved 322,000 after the first weekend of release, meaning that 322,000 lucky gamers now no longer have to watch the rest of the world enjoy their machine from afar.

In the grand scheme of the PlayStation brand name's lifetime, the PlayStation 4 toppled its predecessor's sales more than three fold. The PlayStation 3 sold 89,000 out of the gate in the Japan. $599 USD indeed, Sony?

In stark contrast though, it came nowhere close to the PlayStation 2, which crushed the PlayStation 4 by double the sales at 650,000 after the first weekend. It's not the best selling console of all time for no reason, kids. That PlayStation 2 had it going ON!

Actually, the launch games for the PlayStation 2 were absolutely abysmal experiences all around, but that was a time when a shift in consoles actually meant huge leaps and bounds, not the slow trickle of improvements we are to expect nowadays. The jump from the PlayStation to the PlayStation 2 was far more noticeable and marketable than it is today.

Just for comparison's sake, this record setting machine in every other country barely scraped by the Wii U, which sold 308,000 on its first weekend. Might be an availability issue, but don't judge the overall lifetime sales after the first weekend. This whole "console" thing in Japan can still go either way at this point.