Grand Theft Auto V (10)

In its home nation of Japan, the PlayStation 4 has sort of been sputtering along at an even pace after the first few weeks following launch. It's not in terrible shape, by any means, but it regularly sells less than 20,000 units.

For comparison's sake, the Wii U, PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS have all been beating the PlayStation 4 in Japan. For months and months this has been the case. There was even a week that saw the PlayStation 3 top the PlayStation 4. You can blame that on the relatively weak launch lineup in Japan; there were no slam dunk JRPGs. In fact, there still aren't any huge JRPGs for the system.

For the week ending on Dec. 7th, the PlayStation 4 moved roughly 16,000 units in Japan. Par for the course, right? The week of Dec. 8th through 13th, the PlayStation 4 clocked in at nearly 70,000 units sold. The Nintendo 3DS (and all of its variations) beat the console with 157, 000 sold, but the PlayStation 4 basically quadrupled its sales. The Wii U, its nearest home console competition, sold 27,000 units.

The crazy part? The only PlayStation 4 game to crack the top 20 in Japan for the same week was Grand Theft Auto V, and that sold roughly 80,000 copies. I would never have tied the PS4's success to GTA in Japan, and yet here I am doing just that.

Here's hoping the sales surge continues. Japan has been a tough place for home consoles over the last few years. One of them needs to burn up the charts.