Sony nailed it. The Japanese entertainment conglomerate played all the right moves in selling its PlayStation 4 to the public, and gamers everywhere responded with a purchase. Today, the company reports that it sold four million consoles over the last financial quarter, bringing the grand total to 29.3 million since launch two years ago.

Not only is it heads above the competition, it’s also beating its own legacy. For the sake of comparison, the PlayStation 3 only sold 16.6 million over the same time period. $599 US dollars anyone? The best selling console of all time, the PlayStation 2, fared a bit better at 24.99 million, but it is still coming up shy of Sony’s current generation.

Only time will tell if the PlayStation 4 has the legs to carry it the distance, and this holiday season should prove to be helpful in that regard with the $50 price drop and wide selection of bundles.

In the long haul, I don’t think this generation will last as long as the PlayStations 2’s and definitely not as long as the last one. If Sony can eventually drop its price to the PlayStation 2’s closing point and support it for a decade with a library touting more variety, I can see the PlayStation 4 maybe resting at the number one spot.

Long shot, but it’s possible. The PlayStation 2 was just a little too solid for its own good though, and with the speed of entertainment these days, the PlayStation 4 might be dated a lot faster.

Overall, Sony’s game and network services branch pulled in $199 million for the quarter