Ever since they announced the PlayStation 4, Sony's been touting remote play as a primary feature of the system, allowing owners to play PlayStation 4 games on the PS Vita. With the big PS4 FAQ that came out this week, we have a slightly better understanding of the feature.

According to Kotaku, Sony expects that most PS4 titles will support remote play as long as they don't require any special peripherals. You use remote play only by Wi-Fi and your PS4 must be turned on to make use of the feature.

As Kotaku notes, Sony Japan advertised this earlier this year as something people could use on-the-go. So what gives?

I think a big part of it is how different a place Japan is when it comes to internet connections. A survey last year shows Japan's average broadband speed being nearly twice ours. Mobile broadband connections there, too, are much faster. It's not uncommon, either, to see your train lit up with Wi-Fi networks emitted by commuters' mobile hotspots, according to a friend of mine who just returned from a five-year stay. In addition, theft of electronics on public transit isn't nearly the issue there that it is here, so it's not uncommon to see people openly using electronic devices on the train.

In other words, it seems like maybe that advertisement we all ogled earlier this year was more for Japanese audiences that could potentially use that functionality, not for American audiences who, outside of major cities, often have difficulty achieving the speeds necessary to stream a live game.