Sony announced on Wednesday that Remote Play will be built right in to the PlayStation 4, allowing gamers to play upcoming titles on the PS Vita. Sony just glove-slapped Nintendo in the face. Sorry Wii U.

“We’re going to give developers a simple solution for second screens,” said Dave Perry, Co-Founder of Gaikai. “Our long term goal is to make every PS4 title playable on the Vita.”

Imagine the possibilities of that potential, not to mention Remote Play, which is very limited on the PS3, finally makes the PS Vita a relevant device. Your day in the sun will come, Vita. Sony demoed its new title, Knack, through Remote Play and everything was seamless and easy.

Obviously Sony will have a huge hurdle to tackle when trying to convince gamers to essentially purchase a separate console for perfect PS4/PS Vita harmony. Or maybe they’ll include one with each purchase of the PlayStation 4? I highly doubt that.