The PlayStation 4 Pro will run games and streaming videos at upscaled 4K resolution, but those UHD Blu-rays dotting the shelves at Best Buy? Put’em back. They’re not going to work.

Sony has confirmed to various outlets including Game Informer and Engadget that the PlayStation Pro won’t support 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays when it hits in November.

It seems like a weird decision. Sony says that it’s because the system is “primarily for gaming.” Additionally, it’s likely that the majority of 4K content being played on those 4K displays is coming across services like Netflix, as Ultra HD Blu-rays require expensive Ultra HD Blu-ray players. 4K streaming playback is already built into pretty much every applicable television and device. It’s hard to say right now whether those 4K Blu-rays will actually take off.

It seems like a huge omission right now, and a weird one considering that the Xbox One S – a system with only the most minor of enhancements over its big, older brother – can play them just fine. The hardware can definitely handle it, and if there’s enough pressure it’s even possible that it might be something that could be added in a firmware update, though that will depend on the drive inside the console.

For now, though, if you’re looking for an Ultra HD Blu-ray player (that just happens to play games) the Xbox One S is still your go-to game console even after the PlayStation 4 Pro hits on November 10.