Sony will reportedly cut the price of the PlayStation 4 by a whole $50 during the duration of E3 2017. According to a report from USA Today, in which they spoke to CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House, the price cut will take effect from June 9 t0 June 17 to capitalize on the hype of the annual convention.

While not stated by House directly, USA Today states that:

To capitalize on the buzz around E3, Sony will drop the price on select PS 4 systems from $299 to $249, between June 9 and June 17, with additional discounts on software and accessories.

“Select PS4 systems” most likely does not refer to the PlayStation 4 Pro, meaning the original model and the PS4 Slim will be the likely candidates should this report turn out to be true.

E3 2017 will begin next week from June 13 through June 15.