PlayStation 4, PlayStation Logo

I suppose this PlayStation 4 console is a huge success. 7 million have been sold since the launch last November, and the number just keeps growing while stores are finally capable of keeping them on the shelves.

In regards to software sales, Sony also announced that over 20.5 million copies of games have been sold at retail, an impressive number that also does not account for the digital download sales. Sony left off that little bit of information in its announcement, but it’s bound to be larger than consoles in the past considering how much emphasis has been put on digital sales.

The PS4 ranked in between the towering PlayStation 2 and the slow-burning PlayStation 3 in terms of sales after the first weekend, and positive reception has been shipping more consoles since.

Many are still holding out on the PlayStation 4. I’ll most likely pick one up eventually, but there are quite a few reasons why I’ve not jumped aboard. For one, I’m still waiting on the greatness. I’m not seeing how the PlayStation 4 stands apart from a high quality PC.

A huge reason for that is that the console is not home to any earth shattering exclusives yet. The PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 had great early successes like Final Fantasy VII, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid 2Final Fantasy X, Valkyria Chronicles, and Demon’s Souls, games I could not say no to after getting my hands on them. Even seeing them in action forced my hand to toss my money at Sony.

Final Fantasy VII

inFamous: Second Son and Killzone are not enough to get that done for me, and neither is anything else on the horizon. Also, notice the country of origin all those games are from. The lack of support from Japan on a Japanese console is telling enough. The two largest Japanese titles in the line-up, Final Fantasy XV and Metal Gear Solid V, are also on the Xbox One, and producers are even creating murmurs of PC releases.

Even the Xbox One has more exclusive Japanese games with D4, Crimson Dragon, and another mysterious “unique game from an awesome Japanese developer.” When the Japanese aren’t supporting a Japanese console, you know something is up. And yes, I tend to like and gravitate more towards Japanese games. Can’t help myself. That’s always been a huge pull towards consoles which were more Japanese focused until just the last five or six years.

Bringing me to the last reason why I haven’t bought a PlayStation 4 yet. Nowadays, all of my gaming is done on the go. I’ve been very pleased with my Nintendo 3DS, and I just purchased my PS Vita. Not only do I enjoy taking these handhelds with me everywhere, but they also have smaller budget games that ring more closely to the kind of games I enjoy. Indie games, retro games, Japanese games.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One cater to those who love huge budget, Western PC style games. As someone who grew up playing a Super Nintendo and a PlayStation, the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita feel much more at home for me, like the natural evolution of those games and consoles I used to play and still love.

The PlayStation 4 would just be excess in my life right now, and I’m not willing to drop $399 on excess. It needs a knockout exclusive or any feature I can’t say no to.