Here’s the deal: I almost completely ignored Rocket League on the PlayStation 4 this month.

The PlayStation Plus lineup for July 2015 was a little meager compared to other months, and Rocket League was one of several games I either already owned or didn’t care about.

Still, as habit often dictates my actions, I still fired up the PlayStation Store on my PC and added each PS Plus freebie to my cart and clicked “checkout.” The games, Rocket League included, were mine.

Enter an evening without plans, and I decided to plop down and install Rocket League on my console. I had no idea what the game was, beyond a mix of driving cars and playing soccer. I played through the tutorial, selected “Find a Match” and instantly fell in love with this little game.

Rocket League, my friends, is quite good.

With three or four players to a side in standard mode, matches start with a ball in the center of a glass-walled arena, a 3-2-1 countdown and a mad dash to make first contact. From there, it’s using boost to ram opponents and clear the ball, jumps and double jumps to shoot and pass and all sorts of weird techniques to score and defend.

Rocket League is a medley of mayhem.

The game features levels for better matchmaking, unlocks for car customization and a small sampling of arenas for locale variation.

It also features matches that fire up almost instantaneously, so none of that new generation of waiting around for lobbies to form and games to start. You fire the game up, sit through a few loading screens and you’re off.

I almost skipped this game. Rocket League looked like a throw away title during the off season of gaming in the PlayStation Plus library. Instead, I tried it, and I loved it.

If you own a PlayStation 4 and are a PS Plus subscriber, get Rocket League before the end of July. It’ll cost money starting in August. Don’t skip this one.