If you ask any PC gamer what the best way to play an FPS is, they'll tell you it's a mouse and keyboard.

Peripheral manufacturer Hori hopes to offer the same chance to PlayStation 4 gamers with the Tactical Assault Commander 4. Here's how it works: the left analog maps to the WASD keys on the keyboard, while the right is mapped to the mouse. Other buttons are mapped to side keys, along with some other features like a Walk button and a button to change mouse sensitivity.

The controller releases on November 30 and is currently listing at around $120, at which point we'll be able to find out if the setup does a good job of emulating mouse aiming. If that's the case, it could become a go-to accessory for console shooter fans. The previous iteration, the TAC3, was generally seen as a good idea implemented pretty poorly, so we hope Hori's managed to improve things.