Have some questions about the PlayStation 4? Good, this brand new video provides some answers.

Access PlayStation took time to answer 10 questions about the PlayStation 4 from their fans. Some of the questions concern information that’s only a Google search away, like the size of the console’s hard drive (500 GB, by the way). Other questions, though, clarified some finer points about the console.

First, the PlayStation 4 will finally support Party Chat. It’s about time.

The PlayStation 4 will allow up to 2,000 friends. I don’t even think I know 2,000 people, folks. True story. I also work in my basement… so, that’s my life. Hey! Don’t judge! I have a wife and a kid, that means I had to go out sometime.

Finally, we knew that PlayStation Plus is required in order to play games online. That much was announced during the console’s E3 presentation. However, we now know that content like Netflix, Party Chat, the Web Browser and free-to-play games are not behind that subscription wall. The way the Xbox 360 is currently set up, you have to have Gold to access pretty much every online service.

What do you think about this latest batch of information for Sony’s upcoming console?

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