Folders! We’re getting folders on our PlayStation 4s! This is huge! Well, maybe not huge, but the addition of folders should ease a few of my frustrations with navigation on the PlayStation 4. The platform hasn’t seen a big UI change since launch, and it’s definitely due.

Sony has announced the 4.00 update for the PlayStation 4. It’s rolling out now to beta preview members, and the general public should have access to it relatively soon. The update brings, of course, folders. Here’s how Sony describes that on the PlayStation Blog.

One of the big requests we get is for more options to organize content on PS4. With this update, we’re adding functionality to create folders on PS4’s content launcher and Library. This will help collect your favorite games and select apps in one place for quick and easy access.

That’s not all, though. The update will include a refreshed UI, though the PlayStation Blog points out that “the overall look and feel of the UI remains the same — it just has a fresh coat of paint.” I could honestly do with more of a overhaul here.

The update will improve the Quick Menu, Share Menu, Trophy system and User Profile features on the PlayStation 4, too.

I just want those sweet, sweet folders.

We’ll have more on PlayStation 4 system software version 4.00 as it comes.