What a world we live in, friends. PlayStation 4 has finally seen what most would consider its largest firmware overhaul since launch. No, it doesn’t look dramatically different, but PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.00 adds some key features.

Folders? Yes, folders. Here’s the PlayStation Blog back when the update was announced.

One of the big requests we get is for more options to organize content on PS4. With this update, we’re adding functionality to create folders on PS4’s content launcher and Library. This will help collect your favorite games and select apps in one place for quick and easy access.

This update also brings HDR capabilities to the PlayStation 4, regardless of which version of the console you own. Of course, you’ll need both a TV that supports the display tech and a game that uses it in order to enjoy the feature.

There are even more bits within the update, which you can check out by hitting the source link below or flipping through the gallery above. I have it installed already, and it feels a touch faster as well.