Everyone says they love From Software, but what they really want to say is that they love Dark Souls and its ilk. And yes, most of these games are excellent and deserving of that love. However, the limitless adoration that some feel towards From Software is often put to the test when one plays the games from its pre-Demon's Souls days.

Games like Eternal Ring. Oh boy, this PlayStation 2 "Classic," I struggle to use the word, will be put on the PlayStation 4 this week with a resolution upgrade, trophy support, and the usual boost in performance that PlayStation 2 games get.

If you claim to "love" From Software, give this early PlayStation 2 game a chance.

Good timesahead! Enjoy!

I always love exploring retro games, but yeah… as much as I want to see older games on the PlayStation 4, Sony is digging in all the wrong places to make it happen. I've never played Eternal Ring, but I remember the green faced dude on the cover glaring at me from the shelves during those early days of the PlayStation 2, back before I had one. Thank goodness I put the console off for a year also, yikes!

I love Armored Core, or at least the older games from about that era, but From Software really struggled to break away from its mech franchise in those days.