Sony announced at its TGS presentation this week a few new official PlayStation controller colors, as well as some PlayStation 4 faceplates. A couple of the controllers have been confirmed to be heading to Europe – no word on U.S. availability yet.

The controller colors announced are gold, silver, steel black and crystal. The gold and silver controllers have been confirmed by the official PlayStation blog to be heading to Europe.

The faceplates, which include gold, silver, red, yellow, blue, purple and pink, have not been announced for any kind of western release, but will run ¥2,500, which is about $20 U.S. – it’s likely they’ll be pretty easy to find on import sites if having a boring old monochromatic PlayStation isn’t enough.

The gold, silver, and steel black controllers, as well as the faceplates, will launch November 6 in Japan, followed by the crystal controller on December 3.

That steel black controller looks pretty sweet, though.