The sun is rising and our Black Friday hangovers have left use crippled with empty wallets and unbearable buyer’s remorse. I was pretty good this year when it came to games, dropping a mere $19.99 on Rune Factory 4 through the Nintendo 3DS eShop, but gamers and parents around the world might not be so lucky.

And others are waiting on the gaming forums ready to pounce with new information to use as ammunition in their console battles. Is this even a thing anymore? Well, Sony fans are going to be overjoyed with the results of this market study, which showed the PlayStation 4 overwhelmingly popular with gaming’s largest demographic, the Millennials.

InfoScout Blog, the same group which gave the Xbox One a victory last year, has turned the narrative around claiming that the PlayStation 4 pretty handily “won” Black Friday in 2015. It uses two major categories to separate the data, split among “Millennials” (ages 18-35) and “Middle Aged” (ages 36-55) audiences, and from there it prepared its data to compare Black Friday sales to an average day on the market.

Black Friday InfoScout

As seen in data, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are on a pretty even keel when it comes to normal days. With Millennials, 40 percent buy a PlayStation 4 and 39 percent buy an Xbox One. Shifting to Black Friday, though, the PlayStation 4 leaps up to 48 percent of the findings at the expense of both Microsoft and Nintendo falling to 32 percent and 19 percent respectively.

This is the group that InfoScout claims “are widely regarded as picky consumers who place comparatively less emphasis on brand loyalty. They live in the moment and their shopping consideration sets are comparatively more flexible.”

Among Middle Aged gamers, the roles are reversed, but not by much. This age bracket is smaller than Millennials, and the percentages don’t change as drastically. The Xbox One leads PlayStation 4 by a 35 to 30 percent margin on a normal day, and it closes out with a smaller difference on Black Friday with a 37 to 33 percent.

It’s also noticeably that Middle Aged gamers have a much happier fondness for Nintendo than younger gamers do despite a slip in interest on Black Friday. How sweet.

InfoScout used 250,000 receipts to compile its data for these findings.