E3-2013-Sony-PlayStation 4-PS4-Controller

The PlayStation 4 launched to respectable figures last week, shipping out 322,000 in the first weekend, but the same can't be said for the software line-up. Reports are coming in from Japanese retailers, compiled by DualShockers, that a majority of the people who purchased the console did so without any games.

One retailer reveals that only 46 percent of customers picked up a game when purchasing the console. Another suggests that only 30 percent of buyers did so through its market.

Most Japanese customers answered when surveyed that they planned to simply upgrade PlayStation 3 games or just play Knack in the meantime. Have fun with that pack-in, guys. You had a warning, we didn't.

As predicted, though, the most popular game of the launch was Yakuza: Ishin. No doubt some people are picking up the console just to prepare for Metal Gear Solid V, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, or anything really worth getting out of Japan not already on the PlayStation 3.

Another interesting figure comes from smaller retailers who have reported that they sold through their entire stock of consoles, but bigger store chains are coming in saying that they still have units remaining on shelves. This means that early buyers looking to cash in on the secondhand market might be out-of-luck with this launch.

Japan remains one of the few places in the world that didn't sell through its first shipment. Any thoughts on where this might be leading?