Xbox One VS PlayStation 4-Top

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One helped the gaming industry generate quite a bit of revenue at physical retailers, according to new NPD data. Research gathered in November reveals approximately $2.74 billion in revenue was generated last month, no doubt in large part to both consoles launching within seven days of each other. The figure is a 7 percent jump up from the same time a year ago, at $2.55 billion. Unsurprisingly, hardware took most of the spoils, selling $1.33 billion worth of consoles and portable devices, which was up 58 percent over November 2012.

On the software side, sales were actually down 24 percent, from $1.43 billion to $1.086 billion, with Call of Duty grabbing the top spot; Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V came in at number 5, while FIFA 14 rounding out the top ten. No matter how good or bad the Call of Duty franchise gets, there’s no disputing that it attracts an immense following; it’s worth noting that GTA V came out in October, so sales obviously died down since then.

Microsoft and Sony have already revealed both next-gen consoles have sold in the millions, a figure that will only shoot up over the holidays should there be enough supply. NPD doesn’t actually track digital online or used sales in its figures, so the data could be drastically different since a lot of shopping is done online nowadays. Still, there was a lot of action at retailers last month, and I’m guessing that will continue until we cross over into the new year.