During last night's PlayStation 4 event Sony had a lot to say about the social and sharing aspects of the new console. While intriguing, does it mean that you will have to always be connected to the Internet? It appears that the answer is "no."

There have been rumors that the next iteration of the Xbox will require an always-on Internet connection, and that is something we've also seen popping up more and more in the PC gaming world, so it's a legitimate concern for the PlayStation 4. After the event last night, Kotaku was able to ask a Sony PR rep about it, and the reply was, "PS4 games will be playable without an Internet connection."

It's a small thing, really, but good news as well. Not everyone wants to be hooked up at all times, and there are even times when it isn't an option. Who wants to turn on their console to play a game only to find out they can't because their Internet is down?

Score one for Sony.