With all the talk about the Nintendo Switch over the last month, you’d think it was the only console on the market. Not so, though. Sony and the PlayStation 4 continue to trounce the gaming landscape with a staggering 60 million worldwide shipments from November 2013 into March 2017.

Over the fiscal year of 2016 alone, the PlayStation 4 shipped 20 million consoles worldwide, a thirteen percent increase from 2015. The re-launched PlayStation 4 Pro is believed to have boosted the console’s mid-life sales.

Sony is expecting a 10 percent drop in sales this fiscal year with a forecast of 18 million shipped units. At this rate, the PlayStation 4 won’t cross the PlayStation 3’s lifetime figure of 80 million units until the fiscal year of 2018.

Sony is still in the driver’s seat

PlayStation has dominated this entire console generation since before it even got started. 60 million console shipments after three and a half years is unprecedented, and many are wondering if it has the lasting power to outsell even the almighty PlayStation 2 and its 155 million lifetime units.

However, 2017 could prove to be the most competitive for the PlayStation 4 yet. The Nintendo Switch has launched to strong numbers and could be a solid lightweight contender for those not looking for a powerful gaming console, and Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is looking to dominate the PlayStation 4 on the specs front.

We have an interesting year ahead of us.