Kotaku has it from multiple developer sources that Sony is planning a new version of the PlayStation 4. Not just a PS4 slim, but an actual in-generation upgrade that will offer “increased graphical power and games running at 4K resolution.” One would assume the goal is to have this console run in 4K at 60FPS, to boot.

The folks at Kotaku were able to verify the rumors with multiple sources from multiple editors. Sony is, apparently, in talks with developers about what this new console will bring in terms of horsepower.

The PS4.5 will present more processing power and an upgraded GPU. Presumably this comes to pad out the life of this generation while competing with the growth-rate of PCs. It will also make it so PlayStation VR is supported by an even stronger console.

Kotaku was clear to indicate that they haven’t heard how Sony will approach current console owners with this potential upgrade. Will it be modular? Will they ask gamers to buy a completely new system? We’ll likely know more in the coming months, though I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear nothing but more rumors at E3 this year. Seems a bit early to take the wraps off on stage, doesn’t it?