Microsoft and Activision have a limited exclusivity deal in place when it comes to DLC from the mega-popular shooter franchise, Call of Duty: all content released after launch for each entry in the series will spend a month exclusively available on Xbox LIVE before it hits other platforms.

This year, Activision introduced Call of Duty Elite, the subscription service that provides monthly DLC updates. The first batch of content released for Call of Duty Elite users towards the end of January. However, due to the aforementioned Microsoft exclusivity deal, it released only to Xbox 360 gamers. Even though PlayStation 3 users also subscribed to the same Elite service, their content wouldn't be available yet.

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling announced on Twitter that PlayStation 3 gamers will see the first batch of Call of Duty Elite content for Modern Warfare 3 on February 28th, more than a month after the Xbox 360 crowd. Of course, by that time the Xbox 360 user base will likley be on their second batch of content.

The two maps in question are Piazza and Liberation. The single map bound for the Xbox 360 in February, and thus the PlayStation 3 in March, has not been revealed yet.

The release dates for non-Call of Duty Elite subscribers on any platform have not been announced yet. The maps and missions will come in bundles, though. One would assume the Xbox 360 gamers will get each pack of content one full month before PlayStation 3 and PC gamers.

Have you PlayStation 3 gamers been waiting excitedly for this first batch of content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? Or, have you found yourselves frustrated at the delay between platforms that Microsoft and Activision agreed to? We know that it's only a month's worth of exclusivity, but most hardcore fans would argue that a month in gaming time is actually quite a lot.

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