Scarlet red PS3

You released a console nearly five years ago. You've already made it as slim as it can be and increased its storage. How do you keep selling the same product without making any real changes to its hardware while increasing its price tag by £50 (approx. $79)?

Simple! Paint it red and call it Scarlet.

That's right, Sony will release a new scarlet red version of its PlayStation 3 on May 4 in the U.K., with prices starting at £249.99 (approx. $396) with 320GB of storage. That's an additional £40-£50 more than the original black model. But admittedly you do get two DualShock 3 controllers covered in the same scarlet red paint.

Other than the color, the new console is the same as the current slimline PS3s. So unless you really, really must have a scarlet red PS3, there's no need to sell your existing one for this model.

What do you think of the scarlet red PS3? Would you pay £50 more just for a pretty color?

[via Pocket-lint]