CTA has finally gone and done what I've been expecting for ages, they've built a motion controller assault rifle controller for games like Modern Warfare 2!

What?  It isn't a motion controller?  You mean it's just a PS3 controller shaped like a rifle that makes what sounds like the effects of a $2 gun at Toys R' Us?  Huh.

ps3 rifleEver since Sony announced the Move, I had a gut feeling we would see someone adapt it into an assault rifle so that you could move around like in the game.  However, a controller that is nothing but a normal controller reshaped to resemble a rifle just seems like something uncomfortable and unnecessary.

As the video shows, "Ben" is just standing there holding the rifle, not moving, not doing anything but playing the game.  Standing makes sense with motion controls makes sense, but for a normal controller that is going to take both arms at odd angles?  That's going to get real old, real fast.

Oh, and it runs on two AA batteries, so be prepared to eat through those pretty quick.

You can plunk down $65 if you want, but this is a definite pass for me.