We haven’t heard a lot on how Sony plans to appeal to the retro gamers with the PlayStation 4. I have over 70 PSOne Classics and about a dozen PlayStation 2 Classics sitting on my PS3 that are just absolutely worthless if I ever decide to move on from the console. A leak though from the Pan European Game Information Board (PEGI) hints that we might finally have that solution soon.

Whatever this leak turns out to be, the three games in question are also quite good in their own right. The absolute best of the three is Dark Cloud 2, the game which propelled Level-5 from rising star to full on powerhouse on the JRPG scene. This game is one of the deepest on the PlayStation 2, and if it comes out for the PlayStation 4, it will almost certainly be the deepest for it as well. You might not have to buy another game all year!

Fans have been asking for a PlayStation 3 release for many years, but they have gone unanswered. I would rather keep all my digital PS2 Classics on the same machine, but I suppose this will suffice for now.

The other two games are Twisted Metal Black, which is still the gold standard for the series, and Ape Escape 2, an inconsequential sequel to a fairly charming PSOne platformer. It’s worth pointing out that Twisted Metal Black already has a PlayStation 3 version, the only one of the trio that does.

Again, we have no idea of what this leak means or if it will lead anywhere. My guess is Sony is going to start streaming PlayStation 2 games into the PlayStation Now service, because, quite frankly, the days of happily buying retro is over. If you want to play old games, you’re going to have to pay for the opportunity every month.

Sony might also have cracked emulation on PlayStation 4 though, so who knows?