Feels like we've already done this dance once before, but there's no harm in doing it twice. Grand Theft Auto III was already teased for a PlayStation 2 Classic release earlier in July, but it was pulled at the last second because of legal issues with an audio track. All that seems to have been cleared up as the game will be available this Wednesday, September 26th.

PlayStation 2 vets will remember this title as "the big one." This is the sleeper hit that came out of nowhere and changed the face of the market thanks to its unapologetic violence, mature content, and the countless controversies that followed in its huge wake.

What some might not remember is the uncontrollable gun play, floaty unrealistic cars, and blocky character models. Nobody in their right mind would ever forget the impact this game had on us all, but man, time has not been kind to this classic.

The nicest thing you can say about this one nowadays is that this is a sandbox game through and through, granting you total freedom and control over the world around you. This is the pre-Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption Rockstar who grabbed you by the nose hairs and dragged you through boring scripted mission after boring scripted mission.

If you find a way to break Grand Theft Auto III or beat a mission in a way Rockstar didn't intend, then good for you. Your ingenuity will not be ripped out from under you.

Decide for yourself. Is Grand Theft Auto III still the memorable classic its legacy would lead you to believe, or have things changed too much to make this old timer unplayable? It will be available for $9.99 this week on PSN.

[via PlayStation Blog]